Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trivia Time

I'd like to thank Matt R from "A Giant Blog" for getting me hooked on Sporcle. Below are the three quizes I've created so far. Let me know what you think (as well as how you do). 
  1. Do you know the following Dodgers by their nickname?
  2. Can you name the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers All-Time Home Run Leaders?
  3. Can you name the Baseball America's Top 10 Prospects for each of the past 20 years?

Let me know what you think (as well as how you do).


night owl said...

I've already tried the Dodger HR one. My performance was depressing.

Dan said...

I tried the prospect one; it's difficult to remember even seemingly obvious names (nomar, for example). I got 121.

MrMopar said...

You got 21 out of 25 Brooklyn/LA Dodgers All-Time HR Leaders. Missed Camilli, Beltre and S. Green and I spelled Zack Wheat wrong as I ran out of time!