Monday, October 5, 2009

A Hobby (Rediscovered)

This is my first blog. My background isn't in journalism or English so forgive me for any errors that occur.

I chose this blog to be about my favorite childhood baseball player (Steve Garvey) and childhood hobby (collecting Baseball Cards).

I recently have restarted my pursuit of collecting all of Steve's Baseball Cards and I figured I'd share them with you. I'm going to first start out by showing the cards of Steve that I have in my collection a little at a time.

To begin with here are images of 1971 Ticketron, 1971 Dodgers Post Cards and 1971 Dell Today's Team Stamps.

1971 Ticketron (front)

1971 Ticketron (Back)

Ticketron was (still is?) the source for Sports and Concert Tickets for years. I remember many a time camping out in front of a Ticketron location (i.e. RobinsonsMay, The Wherehouse, Tower Records) trying to get tickets to a concert or sporting event.

1971 Los Angeles Dodgers Post Card (Front)

The Blue Sky in the background of this post card really pops.

1971 Los Angeles Dodgers Post Card (Back)

1971 Dell Today's Team Stamps (Front)

This is the same image that Ticketron used only that it's cropped.

1971 Dell Today's Team Stamps (Back)

There's an album that comes with these. If I ever acquire one, I'll post it.

Note: Card #1 on my want list isn't even a Trading Card. It's a stamp.

Topps released stamps in Venzuela in 1972 and Steve Garvey is included in this set. I've never seen it and have been trying to get one for years.

UPDATE: I found an image of this stamp on the Internet recently. Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck in adding it to my personal collection yet.

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Unknown said...

I have a RARE complete, uncut 1971 Dell Team Stamps Dodgers album. The album itself is probably in EX shape, but the stamp pages (two pages, 12 players per page) are Near MINT! It's really a beautiful book, and would be a great adition to any Dodger fan's collection. I can e-mail pictures at your request.

Make me an offer! Most of the prices I've seen on eBay (for complete, uncut albums) are in the $75-100 range.