Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1980's Oddball

The cards below consist of 1980's Oddball Releases of Steve as a Dodger (for the most part).
They include Topps Super, Drakes and Perma-Graphics Credit Cards. As I acquire more cards, I'll add them to this post.

1980 Topps Super #13 (front)

This card was from the set that was released Nationally.

1980 Topps Super #13 (back)

Topps didn't exactly try hard to fill the backs up with interesting content.

1981 Drakes Bakeries #11 (front)

These were released on the East Coast. This set was produced by Topps for Drakes Bakeries as a premium to be inserted into their food products and utilized the same image as 1981 Topps.

1981 Drakes Bakeries #11 (back)

With the exeption of the top bar, the backs are almost exactly the same at 1981 Topps.

1981 Perma-Graphics (front)

I remember the 1981 release very well from when I was a kid. I actually kept one of these in my brown Ocean Pacific (OP) velco wallet. This was another premium release that Topps produced. Again the 1981 Topps Photo was utilized.

1981 Perma-Graphics (back)

The card back was very well thought out. I especially like the space set aside for autographs.

1982 Drakes Bakeries #14 (front)

This design of this card isn't the most attractive and it clashes with Dodgers' colors.

Note: 1982 wasn't the best year for Topps when it came to card designs (for both their base set and their premium products).

1982 Drakes Bakeries #14 (back)

The card back is almost the same as the regular 1982 Topps base set with the exeption of the card number and Drakes Bakeries Marks as the bottom of the card.

1982 Perma-Graphics (front)

Unlike their 1981 set, I don't remember this set from my childhood.

1982 Perma-Graphics (back)

1984 Drakes Bakeries #10 (front)

I've never had any of Drake's products. Does anyone know what products these were packaged with in the 1980's? Also, how do their products compare to Hostess and Little Debbie?

1984 Drakes Bakeries #10 (back)


Matt Runyon said...

Do you have the 1981 "Home Team" 5x7 of Garvey? It looks like the national one but it has a white back instead of brown. I think I have an extra one so if you'd like it drop me an e-mail.

gcrl said...

great garvey oddballs!

ManOfSteal said...

I've never had any Drake's myself, but I have a few complete boxes with Rickey cards on the back. In 1988 he was included on boxes of Yankee Doodles, while other brands included Chocolate Donut Delites, and Sunny Doodles. Here's a link to the post:

steelehere said...

Thanks for the offer. I'm familar with that card but I don't have it. Do you have a want list of cards you're looking for that I could work off of to send as a trade?

Matt Runyon said...

My want lists are on two blogs. My Giants want list is on My want list for my main collection is on I'll see if I have other stuff to get you as well. :)